Saturday, March 28, 2009

About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Jessica Moore - owner of this blog.

Thanks for reading it and checking me out.

I have decided to write down the little, and BIG ways I save in order to teach other women how to do the same. We live on a very limited income with a family of 6 so sometimes money does get tight. But by God's divine grace, we are on a plan to pay off all debt and be able to pay for our future needs such as college and cars...AGH!

I have four children - ages 11,8,4 and almost a year. We have two boys and two girls all of which give me great joy and aside from being a child of God I find my identity in being their mom.

I am married to a wonderfully devoted man whom I love with everything I have. He is an amazing supporter of me in all my endeavors and of our family as a whole.

We are firm believers in giving to God first and then giving to others out of what is left.

We also believe in saving for a "rainy day" which both my husband and I see as happening all too soon in this current state of the economy.

I will be blogging about freebies, deals, my shopping trips, personal situations and how to be a woman of God living out Proverbs 31.

I do not claim to know everything or even be great at what I do, but I try hard and I love to encourage and teach others.

Please enjoy reading my blog and take time to comment when you can.


Jessica Moore

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