Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coupons for Kids??

We have always made our kids do chores but sometimes we have to change up our incentives for them. Lately I haven't paid out any allowance at all. They nd up doing all but one or two chores and if they don't do them all they don't get paid. They don't even ask anymore, they are so used to not getting anything for their chores. Honestly this approach is fine, because I believe that kids should do chores regardless of whether or not they get rewards. However I'm finding myself trying to convince them more and more to get them done. When there's no incentive, everything seems so much harder.

SO, I found this really cute site. It is printable coupons for kids. I'll award a point value for each chore and when their points add up, they can pick which reward they want to "buy". You can make your own too. Let me know which ones you make up, if you use any of these, or your magnificent plan to get your kids to do their chores!!

Click here for the printable coupons.

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