Friday, March 13, 2009

Free panty from Aerie

This is such a great freebie. Who couldn't use a free pair of panties?

I love this store too! After my last baby I was looking for some new undergarments and I knew I wasn't ready for Victoria Secret yet. Not my figure or my budget :) LOL. I found Aerie and loved it. Very freindly sales people and cute bras and panties, not so sexy that your son can't come in the store with you!

Right now they're giving away a free panty when you sign up for the A-list (basically register for their newsletter) in store and bring in this coupon.

We do have one locally in the Johnson City mall but if you're not sure if there's one next to you, clcik here for their store locator.

Good Luck, Be Blessed,


Please let me know if you got this deal and how you liked the store!

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