Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Really Cool Freebie from Hallmark

I don't normally like to post about new deals or freebies until I've tried them myself just to make sure they work and aren't more effort than they're worth. So maybe you hear about it on my blog a half a day later than other's but it's because I've usually tried all the deals to make sure they're worth telling you all about.

Well ladies, this one is my favorite in the last week or so at least.

free card from Hallmark.

Now maybe I've been kept in a hole or something but I didn't even know you could order a card from them online and have them ship it to your recipient. How cool. Total price for this with shipping is usually around 3.95. Not too bad when you consider you don't have to go to the store to pick on out, and worry about getting it in the mail.

Another cool thing about this is that you can pick your card, write in it, sign it and then pick a day to send it out. So if you remember your dad's birthday is next month, but you know you won't remember it next month... just do like I just did and send it out now!

Well Hallmark is running a special right now that the whole shebang is free! Just go to Hallmark, put in code TRIAL and make sure you say "mail for me" when checking out and everything is free.

How cool? I found out about this from mommieswithcents - thanks!

Please let me know who you sent your card to!

Be Blessed,

Jessica Moore

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