Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rite-Aid rebates

Rite-Aid often has some pretty good freebies too. I don't normally list them because many of their deals have SCR - single check rebate.

This is a program where you input information from your receipt online and one time per month you can request a check from them and you get it in a couple of weeks.

First of all, you are paying out of pocket and are without this money for a couple of weeks, and secondly you can only ask for a check once per month so if you request your check on the 25th, let's say, so you don't forget, but then purchase something on the 28th that has a rebate, you cannot get that rebate.

I will from time to time post the deals I find to be really good but for now you can check out a list of Rite-Aid deals and their SCR here, at dealseekingmom.

With that being said, in this SUnday's Rite-Aid ad, there are 2 coupons for $25 gift cards with any transferred prescription. I plan to transfer my prescription to them for a couple of months and happily spending my free gift certificates there :)

Be Blessed,

Jessica Moore

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