Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day

So today my husband and I set out to clean our garage. Hefty task being that we haven't parked in there in over a year due to the garage door motor being broken. It's amazing how much stuff you can "store" when you don't look at it everyday!

So anyway, part of this process was taking all of our out of season boxes of clothes out and transfer the winter clothes to them and hanging up the "summer" clothes. As I was going through my old summer stuff, there were some pieces that I thought "yay! I remember that shirt, I'm glad to see it again!" and others, I thought "oh yeah, ...that shirt..hmm"

So I made a pile - the "oh...hmmm" pile and the "yay!" pile :)

Then I went through my closet and took out first, all the clothes I hadn't worn this season or wore a couple of times and didn't really care for it. I put those in that "oh..hmm" pile, and put the rest of the winter clothes in my out of season box.

I feel so refreshed looking at all my "new clothes" and my totally cleared out closet. It feels good, so I wanted to share with all of you how I do things.

How do you organize your out of season clothes?

Tell us, I'm sure we could all use some help in this area :)

Now I'm off to do the kids' closets.....yay. LOL!

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