Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday Papers - how do you choose?

As some of my readers have discovered, our local Johnson City press does not have a Smart Source insert. How sad, but... you can find them in the Bristol Herald Courier that I have been able to get at Food City and Ingle's. They have both the RedPlum insert and the SmartSource insert.

If your local paper doesn't have your insert you need, I challenge you to look arond fro those other papers nearby that may have yor insert.

Here is a list of inserts from that shows which ones are coming out in the papers this year. This will help you figure out if you just need to swing by the gas station on your way home from church or if you need to go out of your way to get the paper with the inserts you need.

You can go here to sign up to get the RedPlum delivered via mail straght to your door. Pretty cool however I signed up a few weeks ago and hadn't gotten my first one yet so don't expect it to come too soon.

You can also go here to to check out which coupons are expected to be in which inserts. This will help you decide how many papers to get. I usuually get only one, but if there is a really great coupon or two - like $5 off Huggies, then you bet I'm getting two :)

So for my local readers, which papers do you get? Have you found the Smart Source in any other papers or found the Bristol Herald Courier at any other locations in Johnson City?

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