Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Shopping Trip

Today my friend and I went out together with just some of our kids and we still we were way outnumbered but we had fun and were able to land some great deals.
Just a note, when I say how much I spend out of pocket (OOP) I am including what I paid in Register Rewards (RR ) at Walgreen's and what I paid in Extra Care Bucks (ECB) at CVS.

Here's my CVS goodies
spent $4.83 OOP and rec'd $3ECB
$5.99 each, use 2 $4 coupons, get $1 in ECB, plus one of the lasting impressions had a coupon on front fro an additional $2 ECB

Here's my Walgreen's goodies
spent $16.61 OOP, rec'd $2 RR
Toilet Paper - 2.50, -$1Q
SoftSoap - buy 1 at 3.99, use $1 Q, get two free
Paper - 3.50
Comet - 2 at .50 ea.
Reynolds Aluminum Foil - .89 each, $1 Q
Peeps - .39 each
Lip Balm - 1.99, get $2 RR

Here's my Target goodies
spent $9.36
Got 2 Pop Secret 3 packs of popcorn for $1.58 total
Goldfish - on sale for $1.66
Barbie Swan Lake DVD - on sale for $4.75
3 small bags of cheetos for .87 total

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