Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boon Sippy Cup and Review and Giveaway - Closed - we have a winner!

I recently got a chance to review the Boon Sippy Cup from Soft Landing.

I had first saw this cup and thought - "how cool" because if it's unique funky design. But after getting it in the mail I found even more reasons to like it.
First of all, it is BPA free, PVC and phthalates free.
What does this mean? These are chemicals found in lots of baby toys, bottles and teethers these days. The exposure to this chemical has been shown to have an effect on a child's risk for developing such things as cancer, diabetes, early puberty, developmental damage, obesity, and behavioral disorders. So how do we as parents lessen the exposure of these chemicals for our children? Well we can start by buying products that openly claim to be free of them. At The Soft Landing, you can be sure that all their products are free of all three of these chemicals. Takes the guesswork out of buying the right item for your child doesn't it?

So about this particular cup, the Boon sippy cup, I must say that when I first filled it up and handed it to my daughter she looked at it like "what am I supposed to do with that?" It didn't look like any sippy cup or bottle she'd ever seen!! But with a little persistence, and mommy trying it herself, she got the hang of it and was sipping in no time.

loved the ease of use - at least for mom. The top pops right off in one piece and easily snaps back on. It is dishwasher safe which is cool because I was unsure at first how I was going to clean the bottom of this cool new design!! But after a few runs in the dishwasher - it rinses perfectly and comes out ready for use - and did I say there's only two parts - how cool. I was getting really tired of those bottles with the inserts or little straw to attach. In comparison, this cup is easy beyond belief.

It is also leak proof. My older sons decided to really put it to the test and shake it violently above the sink and sure enough - nothing dripped. Pretty cool, since little hands like to turn things upside down themselves!

The spout is angled so the child doesn't have to tilt their head back so far to get the last sips. The shape is perfect for their little hands to grasp easily and it holds a full 9 oz.
So my review - even though my particular cup is blue and orange, not the perfect little girl colors, (they come in other colors) I find myself gladly letting my daughter take it in public, and it has become quite the conversation starter :) It has taken her some getting used to getting a big sip out with each suck, but she is just coming off the bottle and is getting better at it everyday. I do recommend this cup if for nothing else than the ease of use for moms and dads. Throw away that drawer full of sippy cup pieces and try a BOON!!

So would you like to try one for yourself? Simply visit and go check out the sippy cups yourself. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me why you'd like a BOON sippy cup.

I'll randomely pick a winner on April 10th.

Good Luck, Be Blessed,


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  1. The design is very unique. I'd love to try that for my daughter.

  2. wow...who WOULDN'T want a BOON sippy cup? It holds more than our current cup, it doesn't leak (much to my dismay, ours does) and with no tiny parts there are no excuses for my husband not to wash it (or throw it in the dishwasher! - how awesome!) I have the pink/white bendable utensils and a teether and my daughter loves them both...even though she isn't quite sure what to do with the spoon yet! We would love to win the sippy cup! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  3. I love the fact that it is BPA free, PVC and phthalates free! Plus no-spill, who could ask for anything better! Especially with one on the way in two weeks!

  4. I have seen this sippy cup before. I love the simple design and the size is perfect. Our daughter will be using sippy cups soon and we are all about the bpa free things! Would love to win one!

  5. I love, love, love sippies! Boon makes some great products but we don't have one of theirs yet - we'd love to try it out!

  6. I am just starting to introduce my baby to sippy cups... I am always worried about the plastics in these cups, and I would love one that's safe and leak-free! Thanks for posting this contest!

  7. B had one of those and totally loved it. Boon is great. You know I love the BPA free stuff!

  8. I love the fact that it is spill proof, but what I really like is that it does not contain BPA or any of those other chemicals.

  9. I love all of the Boon functional, you can tell that a mother was in on the design of them! I would love to try out this new sippy!

  10. I like that the design is different than any other sippy cup out there

  11. I like that it's free of those chemicals/contaminants. I have a few sippy cups that I'm unsure about and I'd really like to toss them in the trash. Thanks.

    knowhimwell at hotmail dot com

  12. I like that it is non-toxic and spill proof--yeah!!

    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  13. I love all the great features of this cup: leak-proof angled spout that requires less head tipping, non-toxic, ergonomic style of the two-handed grip, two-piece design so we don't have to deal with a million tiny parts, and, best of all, dishwasher-safe! We could definitely use this.


  14. WE HAVE A WINNER!! Congrats Karen-Thrifty!!
    Thanks to everyone and please come back often for more giveaways and great deals!