Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fantastic Giveaway - Wooden Swing Set and Cannon Powershot camera

Thanks to Frugal Plus for the heads up on this one.

Go here to register at Dad's Blogs for this contest.
There is a redwood swing set from Kids Creations and an awesome camera to take pictures of the fun your family will have on this!

We had a swing set when we lived in Lousiana and had flat land. Here, on a 45% hill, it's been nearly impossible. Now we have been considering getting part of our hill excavated in order to get a little fun in the backyard. What a perfect opportunity if we win this right/ We'll have no excuse now. can I tell you how excited my kids would be to have this in our yard? Can I even tell you how many kids I would have at my house on a daily basis? As if four wasn't enough, especially if you include the ocassional foster child we have!! How fun though - to see bunches of kids playing on this huge set!
So go enter today and please let me know if you win!

When you sign up, say that Mooregirlymom reffered you!

Be Blessed,

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