Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommies Everywhere - here is a site you need to read! Mean Mommy University

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Mean Mommy University is such a fun site. I first stumbled upon her site when she did a post on baby do's and don't with lots of pictures to explain her point. I thought it was hilarious! So what did I do?- call in my husband - who thought hmm - that's interestign - this woman thinks like we do, or at least that's how I interpreted his laughter. Then what did he do? call in our older boys and let them read it - here is where the crazy kid laughter started. The my daughte asked to see it....- get the picture??

Do you consider yourself a mean mommy? I do and wouldn't have it any other way. My mom was a mean mommy too - Thank you mom! I'm not here to be my children's friend, although you know the funny thing is, I am, no matter how mean I am. They still love me and give hugs and kisses and really care about the family as a whole. I couldn't ask for anything more, but I firmly believe they are this way due in some part to our parenting.

Mean Mommy University has some pretty interesting parenting advice. Some of which I have tried before but would have never admitted to. Thanks to Mean Mommy for being so openly honest about what it's like being a parent!

I love this recent post of hers about kids interpretations of classic pictures. Take this one of elephants. Simple right?

Not from a kid's perspective! Check out her child's response:

She responded, “The other elephants were being mean so they tooted and walked away.”

Every time I read one of her post my kids look around at each other like mommy has really lost it this time because I'm bending over in full blown laughter that you can't even tell it's laughter because it's uncontrolable!

One of my favorite post, that I can oh-so-relate to is the one about unexpected company coming. My kids know this mode well. It's called get out of mom's way! Read her post about how she does it and she finishes with a plea, or beg for help from anyone who has figured out how to keep their home in tip top shape with 4 kids. I too would love that information if anyone is offering!

Mean mommy rocks. I consider myself a mean mommy and think there should lots of othrs of us out there.

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