Friday, May 15, 2009

Something to Blog About

So as you know I've been kind of out of it for a few days and probably should be today too.
I recently had neck surgery and due to some complications was left on bed rest for days. AGH!!!!

Get ready - here comes the scary picture - yes this is me - totally drugged up and having been in bed for days. This is one of those pictures that you find as you're downloading the camera and you never even realized it was taken - OUCH - anyway - I'm all about being completely open - so this is me. LOL

Anyway - I have a new outlook today. I'm going to take on the world - okay well maybe just a shower :) After showering I was feeling inspired and painted my nails, put on makeup - (WOHOO!) and have decided to fight the pain and trust God in everything today. When there was pain, I rejoiced that the pain wasn't worse. When I was feeling good, I rejoiced that I could hold my kids. God is incredible and doing incredible things. I promise you that as soon as I'm back to my spontaneous, going-100-miles-a-minute self, then I will get back to posting deals.

I was able to sit at the computer a little while today and check some emails and one email in particular made my day.
I got nominated for my first award - WOHOO!

Mean Mommy University (whom I love and she cheers me up with every post) awarded me this and in turn, I have to award others.

So in to particular order,
I nominate:

GirlyGirl Designs

Life Expressions photography


J Bows Boutique

Cherished Days Photography

Ladies, you all have beautiful blogs, some of whom are just starting out, some whom have been around a while. I love what you are doing though and would like to give this award to you too!

Be Blessed,

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  1. You are so dang sweet. Get better quick!!

    Wishing you luck,