Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Squeaky Shoes!

Most of you may not know where the name MOOREGIRLYMOM comes from.
I have run a business called MooreGirly for the past five years selling bows, tutu skirts, squeaky shoes, wands, and all kinds of other fun girly stuff!! :)
Because of my love for blogging and teaching other women to do what I do, I haven't had much time to work on MooreGirly. That being said, I've moved everything over to Etsy which is wonderful but I cannot list my items I don't personally make - like the squeaky shoes or teething bling.
I have to find a way to justify the time I spend online since I'm not making money from Moore Girly anymore, so I have decided to list on here a special new item or deal of the week etc..
Please don't be offended, just need a boost to bring home some kind of income from this:)

Please check out the slideshow of the squeaky shoes I have up for sale. These are just a few of the ones I have. The ones you see here are available in size 3-8 but the size listed is 20% off! Regular price is $30 including shipping.

Please consider checking out these too cool shoes!
Here are the benefits of squeaky shoes straight fromt eh manufactorer's website:

  • Benefits Of Squeaky Shoes:
  • Very comfortable. The way our squeaky shoes are designed, a baby or toddler steps on air and forces it through the "squeaker" in order to produce the squeaky sound. As a result, your child is literally "walking on air"....if only they had them in adult sizes!!!
  • Safety feature of knowing where your kid is in crowds should he/she scramble out of your hand. Just listen for the squeaking noise!
  • Squeaker Sneakers™ are great encouragement for children with disabilities to walk and will allow visually impaired parents to hear the squeaky steps of their baby.
  • In order for the shoe to squeak, the baby or toddler must walk heel-to- toe. This encourages crawlers to begin walking and toddlers and young children to walk properly and not up on their toes.
  • Physical Therapists are now using our squeeky shoes with toddlers and young children to encourage proper form while walking. The audible feedback from the shoe aids the child in knowing when he/she is walking correctly (i.e. the shoe will squeak ONLY if walking heel-to-toe).
  • Pediatrician-recommended soft-soled exterior for young developing feet. Our squeaky soles bend and move with ease after each squeaky step!
  • The LEATHER styles of Squeaker Sneakers™ can be disabled by an adult removing the "squeaker" with fingernails. When you are ready for your little boy or girl to "squeak" again, simply replace the
    plastic piece in the heel of the shoe.
  • Caution!!!
    Once removed, please place the "squeaker" in a safe place. It is a choking hazard due to it's small size. NEVER take the "squeaker" out with your teeth!
  • Non-slip squeaky rubber soles for infant and toddler pre-walkers and

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