Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Garage Sale Fun

We love going to garage sales on Saturday as a family. This weekend we spent more than we normally do but we got a lot of stuff we had been wanting. People often ask - what do you get at garage sales since you go every weekend. Well..... everything! Most of our clothes and toys come from garage sales and this weekend we even got a punching bag for my son who is in Taekwondo ( $3) and a mirror for our bathroom which we had been watching for sales at Lowe's. - they're regular $48, we got this one in perfect condition for $4.

Here is our garage sale day loot - minus the puching bag which is already in the garage. We got a Barbie doll head for hair styling - my daughter thinks she rocks! A horsey swim tube for going to the beach with the little ones, a Leap Pad, a fun night light, a Star Wars Monopoly Game, Gap boys shoes, a Fur Real Pet Pig, Old Navy Slippers for Momma, mirrors for the front bathroom, a bathroom rug in brand new condition, the West Wing fourth Season on DVD, and various other things. Not too bad for $25!
More than anything though, we usually have a lot fo fun doing this as a family - and yes, my husband loves it too!

After garage sales, we took the kiddos to Lowe's where the got to build a wooden helicopter for the kids crafts they do for free once or twice a month. The next on is the second weekend in August and I think it's going to be a boat. It's so much fun!

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