Friday, August 14, 2009


woop woop
ok so I must admit - I am loosing sleep over this. I have become completely obsessed with what tomorrow is - TREE STREETS.
Sorry but this is only for local folks. The tree streets in Johnson City have a huge yard sale every year that spans abotu 500 homes. It says it starts at 8:00 but I know for sure that some people are already set up today with sheets over their stuff and I know some people that will plan to be out there at 5:30!
Needless to say you could spend all day there!
My advice?
  • Decide how much you can or want to spend (make sure you budget this is in) and get cash out the bank. Bring ones too so you don't have to break such big bills all the time.
  • If you have a wagon or stroller bring it, you won't want to carry your stuff with you all day.
  • Wear tennis shoes!
  • Bring somethign to drink and snack on. People will be selling refreshments but you can plan to spend $2 for a drink when you can just bring something from home.
  • If you get a chance swing by the Well. It is a college run ministry from my church. They are located on University Pkwy. Huge building with lots of stuff in the front and back of the building for sale!

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you all find!

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  1. landed some See Kair Run shoes, a brand new franklin Covey planner and a purse already monogrammed with my initial. I only spent $30 and filled upmy whole living room with stuff. SO FUN!