Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting kids to clean....

Got your attention didn't I?
So how do you do this mystical thing - getting kids to clean?
Well I'm no expert but I did have luck this week and thought I'd share.

I put kids in charge of things I thought for sure was too big for them - organizing all their hangers in their closet and purging old clothes, making a brace for a shelf that was sagging, and stacking all the suitcases inside each other and bringing them to the attic.

All of these things I thought would be way too tough for them but I told them I believed in them and they felt inspired.
My three oldest helped me organize the laundry room, the pantry, a couple closets and a foyer. They only sulked and complained the first 30 minutes or so, then it was pleasent.

I am giving my children a lot more responsibility than I usually do - and I thought I used to give them a lot. But starting this week I've been making them take care of their own dirty clothes ( bringing them to laundry room and sorting them), picking up their own rooms ( no playing until room and bathroom is picked up) and no money for doing the "chores" that are neccessary.

You know what? I'm not getting a whole lot of slack either. I encourage you to try it. I was encouraged to try it this week and took the challenge. I'm glad I did.

I'll update you on how this comes along but I like my new clean house :)


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