Friday, February 12, 2010

Being Crafty can be Frugal!

I had a pair of jeans I loved that the hole that came in them (by the way - who said this was cool?) got so big my whole leg could fit through it. I was throwing them out when I decided to give them one last ditch effort. So I bought a pack of denim patches tonight from Walmart for $1.97 and voila - I added some spunk to them in other places too just for fun:

So then I get the bright idea to "decorate" my horribly ugly 3D glasses for our date night tomorrow night (yes we're going watch Avatar - we don't just wear these for fun)

So this is what I did - glow in the dark paint squiggly lines around the edges and a few rhinestones. I sneak in to show my pre-teen son so it'll be a surprise for my to-be mortified hubby tomorrow night and you know what he says??

After a long pause - "It's amazing you found someone to marry you!" LOL

It's a good think he had a smiling smirk on his face or I may have been upset but I know both he and my husband think my quirkiness is absolutely amazing :)

So, moral of the story, embrace your inner weird and love it!


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