Friday, February 20, 2009


I cannot claim that I found these myself, they are from but I thought they deserved mentioning here.

First, a free 20 oz Diet DrPepper just by clicking here. The coupon for a free one will come in the mail to you. Perfectly painless!

Then here's a free sample of Selson Blue - just sent straight to your home - Click here.

Then this one is really cool - but you have to do it today.

20 free 4x6 prints from Make sure you check pick them up in store so you don't pay shipping either.

Click here and and go to photos. Put 20 4x6 photos in your cart and enter code ONEDAY at checkout.

Click here to get a free pantene sample - you have to "qualify" by answering two questions - just answer walmart and "brand over price" for the second question and you're in :)

Never hurts to have some samples lying around for when yourre in a squeeze :)

Good Luck, Be Blessed,


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