Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Taditions Anyone?

What do you do for Easter. What are some of your favorite Easter traditions you had as a child that you carried over to your adult years?

One of mine is to poce' eggs (pronounced pock - a). I'm not sure how you spell it and don't know that anyone really does know how to spell it, but it's a Cajun term for egg fight. Everyone gets boiled Easter eggs and turns them either fat side down or head down. Either way is fine, just everyone has to have it the same way. Then you start poce' ing. You hit each other's eggs to see who's cracks first. If you're out, then you turn your egg over and wait for someone who know has their "head" or "bottom side" ready to poce'. Eventually you will end up with someone who doesn't have any cracks on their egg.

However the fun comes when when grandma or the new brother-in-law happens to pick up the egg that feels a little different than the rest. - Yep, there's always a raw egg in our family tradition!

I've taught a few of my Friends here in Tennessee how to do this but I still get looked at strange when I tell people about it. I guess it's a southern thing ( I'm from Louisiana) LOL

I also love to do Easter egg hunts with the kids. We hadn't done one yet this year so the other night after the kids had gotten in their pajamas, it was still light outside so I had them all go in one room to play while mommy snuck out and hid eggs. When I came back in their room with Easter baskets their eyes lit up! What is it about finding little plastic eggs that is so much fun. Not sure, but I love it too!

On Easter Sunday we always go to church and of course have the grand meal afterwards, but in the days leading up to Easter I like to remind the kids why we celebrate and talk them through what happened on this glorious day. Our savior rose from the dead and came back to give us all Live. That is the best gift ever.

We try to keep the festivities focused on Him. Our baskets usually contain a little bit of candy and usually a dollar toy because I really don't want them to associate Easter with a floppy eared bunny and a basket full of candy! LOL

What are your Easter traditions Let us all know. Maybe one of us is looking for that something special to start with our family this year.

Thank you ladies for all your support and may you be richly blessed this Easter remembering what our Savior has done for us.


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