Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Colgate Toothpaste and more coupons with their matchups

Have you already used your $1 off Colgate coupon? DO you have any others? There may also be one in your stash for .75 off any Colgate toothpaste.
If so, then there's a moneymaker for you this week at Walgreen's.
Their Colgate Max toothpaste is $3.49 this week and you get $3.49 back. Use in conjunction with this coupon and get money back! WoHoo

Eat Better America has their new coupons up. These are usually pretty valuable coupons. I juts looked at them briefly - I'm not where I can print them right now - but I did see a $1.00 off Muir Glen product - this definitely calls for some free tomato soup or sauce or paste!

Print your coupon here for $2 off Dry Idea deodorant. It is on sale this week at Target for $2 making this free!!
Also, I've seen this on sale at several Walgreen's for $2 or less so if you're already thre, you may want to check their prices!!

Go here to print a coupon for .75 off No Yolk pasta. Find a store that doubles coupons and you've got yourself some nearly free pasta. I have found that this pasta tastes no different than the other cheaper, more unhealthy pasta I usually buy, which means to me that the kids will eat it just the same :) So when I can get this on sale, I buy it and stock up. When it takes at least one bag of pasta to feed a fmaily, like it does at my house, I can stock up on this all I want and I still won't have enough pasta!!

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