Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty flowers from kid's perspective

Kids say the darndest things don't they? And sometimes it takes a child's comments to wake us up a little.

The other day in the car, my daughter said, "Mom do you want to know what happens to all the flowers when they're not pretty anymore?
Half intrigued, half pre-occupied with other things, I said, "Sure, what?"

Her response woke me from my driving induced to-do-list stupor.

She said, "God comes down and picks them for himself and puts pretty new flowers and even more of them in it's place."


That really got me thinking. What has God plucked out of my life recently? What has he put in that was prettier to fill it's spot. God has filled my life with such abundance of the "pretty" things. But yes, at times, He does pluck.

Just recently, I've stopped posting several post a day due to some medical issues. I love this blog and love encouraging other women but I haven't been able to sit at the computer for very long the last week or so and therefore my postings have been less. I felt upset about it at first. Upset that I was going to have to have surgery for something I never saw coming, upset because it was taking me away from my daily activities and things I loved doing and upset because I was loosing control of all my little balls up in the air (do you have those too?)

Now I see that he is putting pretty new things in that place. Because I have had to slow down in many aspects, I am having to learn to enjoy taking it easy. That doesn't come natural for me. Call it ADHD if you want(they didn't have those labels when I was in school) but I can't for the life of me sit and do just one thing. If I'm watching a movie with my hubby, I'm also balancing my checkbook, sending out emails, blogging and probably doing laundry.

This injury and the medications I'm on have forced me to do one thing at a time and I'm starting to be ok with that. Sometimes I think we as moms get so caught up in getting everything done that we forget to pause.

I told my husband today that I've decided I'm tired of being the mom that says "not now" Why not now?

For example we were at the mall the other day to get my freebie from Aerie and to pick up my pictures from Sears. While there I thought we'd walk around real quick. I did want to look at some shoes for my baby but didn't have much time. Well of course we pass the Build-a-Bear Workshop and my daughter pleads to go in.
It hurts me as I write this remembering I told her no, we didn't have time. Why does it hurt? Because we did. We did have the time. We weren't necessarily rushing for anything except to rush. I didn't have to hit 5 shoe stores in the mall. I didn't have to hit two other places on the way home and if I didn't get home in time to cook dinner and clean house before my husband got home, that would have been okay too. Did I really think that the 7 minutes she would have spent in there would have messed me up? Shame on me.
So here I am writing just a few posts a week but hoping you still love me anyway :) Here I am enjoying my kids and taking them to the park even though I'm hurting. Here I am sitting a little closer to my husband because I don't have a checkbook in my hands.

Thank you Lord for plucking this not so pretty flower and filling it with the abundance you have given me of pretty things!


  1. You are absolutely amazing! Your insights are as beautiful as you are. The Lord has done a lot of "plucking" with me--(I can only hope it was for the better)--but life is much more "fuller" and "richer" because He has.

    Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. What an amazing thought! Your insight is as beautiful as you are! The Lord has done some "plucking" with me--(I can only hope for the better)--but my life is much more "fuller" and "richer" than it use to be.

    This was a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!