Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your newspapers ladies!

Just a reminder - today has both inserts in it. The Smart Source and the Red Plum, But if you're like me, your normal newspaper you get may not have both, Shop around to see which papers have both inserts. Where I live, north East Tennessee) I get the Bristol Courier which has both inserts in it. The Johnson City press only has Red Plum.
Bt the way, don't forget you can get Red Plum delivered to your house! Click here to get it started, It takes a few weeks but once you start getting them, it's great!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the coupons you may see in today's paper:
Arm & Hammer
Venus razors

and sooo much more!

AGGH - no Bristol Couriers in Elizabethton. I hope this means you ladies are getting are getting your papers!! Shame on me for waiting so late :)

Be Blessed,

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