Friday, May 22, 2009

Coupons and deals worth taking advantage of!!

Here's some new coupons for you:

$5/ $50 purchase at Sears. With summer here, no telling what you may be needing at Sears. It's not so good a coupon that you run out to use it but if you're going anyway - definately worth the ink!thanks frugal plus

2 piece orer of Mexi rolls free when you buy any other order of Mexi rolls. Also at that link you can get a free cini-sopapilla bites if you haven't done that a;ready - I got mine the other day - Super yummy. My dauighter keeps begging me to go back for more. No wonder they give away this free stuff huh?

Don't forget to get your free sample of Aveeno Hair care here

Has everyone gotten their freebie from Aerie this month - I haven't yet so we have just one Thursday left. This month it is a workout towel. I plan to keep mine in my nifty little "emergency box" in my car. It's got kiddie snacks, drinks, bandaids, and all the other stuff that kids "need" while your a million miles from home and still have ten errands left to do! Wheew - that was a long sentence - ANYWAY - go get your free towel :)

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