Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Freebies for today:

Burt's Bees is having a Burt-Day party tomorrow - you can join by signing up here. there will be big giveaways - I'm assuming some burt's lip balm - I'm so in!
thanks to frugal plus for the heads up!

2 FREE STUFFED PIZZA ROLLS on Wednesday, May 27th from Pizza Hut. No strings attached, no coupons needed. Just come by any participating location and eat big & free.

Downlaod Taylor Swift's New Single here - "You're Not Sorry" - from LEI and Taylor Swift

Have somebody graduating and don't know what to get them? Well it may be too late for this year but this would be a very cool idea for years to come: Check out this e-book for graduatiuon crafts. Download this e-book to find 18 crafts specially for graduates!

Shutterfly has some neat freebies - check it out - al you have t do is start a "share site" basically just sign in and pick a layout! For that, you get 30 free prints!, for adding pictures? - another 10, add a photo book to your site? another 10 pictures!
So you can get 50 pictures in all for just settign up a "share site" - Too easy! Here is my "share site" so you can see how easy it is: http://mooregirlymom.shutterfly.com/
Now with that being said, don't forget - you all get 1000 free prints from Artscow! - I know I haven't gotten my 1000 yet so nobody should be paying for prints now!

Also at Artscow right now, you can get a photo book for 11.99 with free shipping and they've recently uploaded free scrapbooking kits that you can use with your photo book. very cool. Looks like a digital scrapbook but it was so simply done! Once you become a member, there are a bunch of ways to get free photo book credits too. I have to say Artscow is pretty cool!

Free Zaxy's meal deal by joining their "club" here.

Saving your Cents had a free subscription to "American Photo Magazine" on her site - go here to get one

Lots of free crochet patterns here from FaveCrafts.com - most you just download onto your computer

Frugal plus is doing a giveaway here for a wet/dry bag from Planet Wise. If you cloth diaper then you already know what this is - but I enourage you to sign up even if you don't have stinky cloth diapers to stash. these acn be used for so many things, and all it takes to enter is for you to leave a comment - pretty painless :)

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  1. Called the Pizza Huts in Johnson City...they are NOT doing the free pizza roll thing. Are they doing it in your area?