Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haven't Subscribed to my Blog yet? Now's your chance - get something for joining!

For the next 5 people that sign up to get emails from my blog, I will send them a coupon for $4 off Glad Sense and Spray.
You can land some pretty good deals with this coupon. Even without ECB or RR, you can get them for $3.99 right now at CVS with this coupon! But since the coupon is good until August, you will have plenty of time to wait for the perfect deal.

I rec'd several Sense and Sprays as part of a marketing campaign from BzzAgent and have loved them. It's time for a refill now and instead of just throwing it away and waiting for the next round of air fresheners, I will definitely be refilling these. It has been so nice to not worry about the smells of the house since this air freshener is automatic. It sprays if someone gets within 5 feet of it so if they're close enough to smell your funk, then they're close enough to trigger the scent!! Yipee!

SO, back to the point, go sign up at the top right of my blog for daily updates via email. No, it will not clog your inbox. You will get one email a day with the posts' titles from that day and if you find something that interests you, then you can click to see the whole post. Cool hunh?

So go sign up and then email me at jessica@mooregirlymom.com and give me your address so I can hurry and send you this coupon!! I'll follow up once I have my first five people.

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