Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly Grocery Deals - all deals are up now

Week of 5/10-5/17

I'm only listing here the local stores that I frequent and a few others that I know run good deals.

For other stores, check here
Have no clue what all this verbage means? - check out couponing 101 here

I save lots of money each month on groceries and stay within my grocery budget 99% of the time (which is only $350 for a family of 6) and you can too. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :)

Also, you will notice that I only out the BESt deals here. Not every deal from every store. I stockpile so if there is a great deal or Freebie, I will get it every time :) Other items I have to pay for, I may not even worry about matching up with deals.


  • CVS brand Diapers B1G1 as well as lots of other CVS brand merchandise, like the q-tios from the CVS anme brand
  • kellog's Cereal 2/$4 use at least 1 $1 off Q to make this a great deal!
  • Bayer Quick release - just in case you don't have enough of these yet - they are $2 and you get $2 ECB, Use the $1 Q you should have grabbed on the peelies in CVS or Walgreens lately to make this a moneymaker
  • Crest Pro-Health rinse or toothbrush - $3.49, get $2ECB, use $1 Q to make either of these .49

  • Diapers - B1G1 along with some with some of the other baby products
  • Colgate Maw White toothbrush or toothpaste - $2.99,- $2 RR, use $1 Q to make it free
  • Sure Deodorant for men - 1.99, use $1.50 Q to amek this only .49!

For more deals, check in with CommonSensewithMoney


North-East Tennessee area:

  • Bread - .99 for 2o OZ
  • Bacon - 1.99 (good price especially if you need some and you're there anyway)
  • Cherrios - 1.99. This is a great price and you should have a copoun in your stash for some General Mills Cereal to make this an even better deal


Saving your Cents has a very detailed Ingle's list here with coupon matchups.

***SIDE NOTE*** I always get my ice cream from Ingle's - I find they are the cheapest on all the different varieties. You can usually get ice cream any day for 2/$5 there and sometiems 2/$4

Ingles's actually had some preety good deal this week.


maybe I didn't lookhard enough but I just didn't see much at Kroger this week.

  • kroger yogurt is 3/$1 right now - good stock up price, but you cannot freeze yogurt so make sur eyou only get enough that you can eat :)
  • Breyers or Ben & Jerry's - 2/$5
  • pepsi Products 5 12 packs for $12
  • 1 pound deli salads - I've had these before adn they're great - $1
  • garnier Fructis Shampoo ro conditioner - 1.99, look for coupons for this in your stash
  • Bread - $1
  • Fuji Apples - .69 /lb. - this is a good stock up price. Get enough to cut up and make different apple pies, kids snack bags etc with. You can freeze apples fairly easily. However, if you're lucky, you may be coming across some apples soon when the trees start blooming :)




Nothing seemed to pop out at me this week. I do not have a super Target so no grocery deals, but I didn't even see any other new or good deals. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, here is a good spreadsheet!

Thanks Imommies!


I will not be going to Walmart this week but The Centsible Sawyer has done some pretty good matchups here if you need them.
very cool spreadsheet here in excel for WalMart from imommies.com

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