Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today's Tip: getting it right :)

Do not be afraid to go back and get your transaction right, and no coupons are too small to use.

I scored some pretty good deals from Taret the other day but with four kids sometimes it gets a little razy. I threw a double package of ziploc bags in my cart because I knew I needed some and they were on clearance. However what I didn't do befor I got the the register is look for ziploc coupons.


so I did when I got home and guess what - I had a $1 off. I had to go back anyway yesterday to pick up something so I returned an "re-bought" my ziploc bags witht he coupon. The lady handed me a $1 right from the drawer and I was able to buy these cool socks with them.. Check out my new socks my coupon bought!

Pretty cool huh?

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